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In the Open: Dirty Gold - Sea Hare from In the Open on Vimeo.

Dirty Gold - Sea Hare

Shot live with a beautiful ocean behind these lovely talented kid.

Soak it in friends, this band is amazing; perfect summer jams.


Dirty Gold > California Sunrise

Watched the sunrise from my roof this morning. 

This guys need to not go to college and let me sign them kthxbye.

Dirty Gold - California Sunrise from Panaframe ▲ on Vimeo.


Dirty Gold - California Sunrise
These San Diego high schoolers seem to be getting a good amount of blog buzz with their single. Saw them live and their catchy beachy-tunes (a la Surfer Blood, Beach Fossils) are quite impressive, considering their age. Live acoustic set here.

Thank you Jeremy, for bringing this to my attention a couple months ago. Super catchy song, and hoping to hear more from them soon!

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